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Business Communication - Self Assesment

 UNIT 1: Communication in Business:  
Fill in the blanks
1 When we speak without putting thoughts into words,
Then the communication is Internal or Intrapersonal
2 when words communicate something other than what is
Meant then the communication is said to be Unintentional
3 Middlemen who deal with information are known as
4 The neutral third party that helps to communication on
Behalf of the subordinate with the superiors is known as
5 The procedure that an organization has developed to
Perform a particular task is known as operating plan
Q5 State whether the following is true or false:
a __T_ Human communication is more nonverbal than
b _F__ Communication between two individual is
Intrapersonal. ---Correct Ans: Interpersonal
c _T_ In determining one’s communication skills audio
and video is better than e-mail.
d _F_ Information relating to strength and weakness of
the competitor is known as external information.
e __T_ All orders are not instructions, but all instructions
are orders.
f _F__ Horizontal communication is among people at
different communication network--- Ans : Diagonal
g __T_- Grapevine usually carries more information than
the formal communication network.
h _T__ Grapevine helps people to receive social
i _F__ Encouraging the use of e-mail is not a healthy practice because it distorts the organizational hierarchy
j __F__ Telecommuters are not considered as essential
part of the corporate world. 

UNIT 2 Process of Communication:
a. The flow of communication is simultaneous in All direction in the
Transmission model F
The essential element for this transmission is a medium/channel T
Business communication has limited opportunities for feedbacks and hence difficult to correct misunderstandings T
When the message is not acceptable, then it may give rise to negative
Feelings and the communication can (not) breakdown and receive proper response F (T)
Each time the receiver of the message is different, the approach of
Communicating the message must also change T
When more than one message is sent on the same subject there is a good possibility of contradictions. T

Feedback is useful and the sender may (not) have control over the
Communication situation. F ( T)
Transmission of a message may be blocked ( Distorted) by too many Transmission Links. F ( True)
Visual impairment does not hinder the reception of message. F
Differences between sender and receiver are bridged by sharing other
Person’s perspective.( View) --- T
Unit 3: Psychological and Cultural Dimensions of BC:
State True or False
a. We can be somebody provided others recognize us as somebody. T
b. Non verbal communication using eye movements is called kinesics. F ----Correct Ans: Oculesics.
c. Creative people make a better quality of life for everyone around…T
d. Facial expressions cannot enlarge verbal message. ……….F
e. Black colour refers to a company that is going in loss. ….F

True or false
a Listening intently is a mode of awareness. T
b. Our preconceptions can aid our listening skills. ……?…….
c. Distracted listening is active dysfunctional listening. … T
d. Don’t listen to other the way you would want them to listen to you…F
e. While writing down notes during a communication process
assume the role of stenographer. …….F 

UNIT 5 :Writing Process ---Planning:
Communication can be of two types.
a. interpersonal
b. intrapersonal

External agencies that an organization has to communicate with?
a. suppliers
b. consumers
c. share holders
d. customer
e. principle

Five Stages of business communication.
a. planning,
b. composing
c. revising
d. Formatting
e. Proof Reading

Fill in the blanks
a. The purpose of the message determines contact,organization,style,tone and format.
b. You can loose credibility by writing message that has no impact.
c. Depending on your purpose, you will choose a channel for your message
d. The key to effective communication is to determine the audience’s needs and respond to them.
e. You can present your message to two basic channels oral or written

A. To inform
B. To persuade
C. To collaborate

Q6. How can u test purpose of your message
A. Is the purpose realistic
B. Is it the right time?
C. Is it the right person to deliver the message to?
D. Is the purpose acceptable to both organizations?

Q7. Three factors of the audience would you identify –Analysing the Audience:
a. characteristics of the audience
b. the writer, reader relationship
c. Factors associated with the occasion.

Q8 Factors defining reader-writer relationship when planning a communication:
a. relative status
b. distance
c. intra personal relation

Q9 Four occasion based factors for planning documents for your readers
1. Initial audience---------- First directed
2. primary audience……. Directed addressed
3. secondary audience……not addressed/Interested in Commn
4. other audience…… outside the immed occasion/Retain interest

Unit 6 –Writing Process –Organizing , Composing & Revising Bus Mesg:
Fill in the blanks
a. Disorganized communication can cause LOSS and CONFUSION
b. arranging your ideas LOGICALLY in proper STYLE and tone will help satisfy the various needs of the audience
c. a well organized message can be a MOTIVATING factor for the audience to accept the message
d. an OUTLINE helps you to remain within a defined framework and help you to remain organized.
e. Two kinds of bias in a message could be SEXIST Language AND RACIAL ETHNIC

Human mind …………….. stores information
Disorganized message ……………..bad commentary on communication
Lack of reflection …………….. results in illogical sequence
Direct approach ……………. Deductive
Persuasive message ……………. Indirect approach
“You” attitude ……………. Establishes empathy
Guess work …………….. includes irrelevant information
Organized message ……………… saves time of the audience
Indirect approach …………. Inductive
Outlining ……… defines ideas and establishes sequence
Characteristics of Disorganized communication
1. lack of reflection……… illogical result/sequence
2. guess work ………. Irrelevant information
3. not applying mind ------ Necessary information is left over/ignored
4. not sure of oneself. Poor presentation skills/ doesn’t know how to present the topic.

a. Statement of purpose
b. Correlations statistical relationship between two or

many variables.
c. Averages one number represents a group of
d Justification reports internal report used to persuade top
management to approve a investment
or a project.
Answer the following:
1. Four components of a memo

2. Two types of informational reports
Periodic reports

Personal activity report
3. Three types of analytical reports

Justification reports
New business proposal to outside client
Troubleshooting report
4. Two types of outlining methods
Alphanumeric and decimal system

5. Three kinds of averages
Mean: arithmetic mean
Median: ordered set of values, below and above
Mode: frequent value- commonly used

Oral presentation extempore (Without Preparation)
Ceremonial presentation tribute
Residual message (Core-Idea) steps in listeners mind
Demography collection and study of profile
Capture attention ( Rapport) using humour
Coordination of things or forces correlation
Statistics is used to indicate trends
Graphics visuals Presentation emphasize important
Information presentations they are numerable ---???in Doubt
Thesis (Specific Purpose) single declaration statements
1. Interviews are a planned conversation between two people T
2. Job interview are fairly informed and instructed. F
3. Exit interview encourage personal gripes F
4. Counselling interviews deal with correction of behaviour F
5. Evaluation interviews require critical and emphatic
Listening skill T
6. Domineering chairpersons block free expression T
7. Long meetings are essential for effective meetings F
8. Decision making meetings are conserved with persuasion T
9. You could conduct a meeting with just a list of points to be discussed F
10. Circulating the minutes is the task of the chairperson. T 

Match the following
Argumentativeness Fondness for arguing
Negotiation Planned process of communication
to produce mutually desirable
Cohesiveness degree to which group hangs
Conformity agreement with set of ideas or
Norms standards for appropriate behaviours
Positioning moving the focus of negotiation
Content goals obvious reasons for disputes
Communication strengths and weaknesses you possess
competence conflict situation.
Verbal aggressiveness tendency to attack personalities.
Groupthink the tendency of group members to
(Can lead to Poor decision Making ) seek agreement 

Portfolios displays your assets
Follow up letter keep file active
Application letter sales letter
Resume marketing yourself
Application form sales letter
Work enjoyment values creativity
Work condition values time freedom
Application conclusion. win an interview
Job motivator chances of promotion
Traditional reverse chronological order 

MATCH THE FOLLOWING ---Pls double check the Answer
Technology in communication process e-communication
System of networked computers Internet
Gives “cyber presence” static website
Encourages two-way communication interactive website
Drawing visitors to the site virtual marketing
Increases employee collaboration intranet
Increased use of internet and intranet low dynamism
Information fatigue system technostress
Alteration of vital information viruses
Used to create a presentation powerpoint 

Unit 15: Formats for Business Documents:
State True or False:
1. For Short and Routine Letters we may use A4 Paper ---F
2. Executive Letterhead bears the name of the person in the company: ---T
3. 26th Dec , 2006 is correct way of writing the date -----F
4. Attention line is written two spaces below the inside address ----T
5.Typist’s initials are the identification mark in the letter ----T
6.Courtesy title is a must in a memo -----F
7.Transmittal letter introduces the subject of the report ----T
8.Open Punctuation uses comma after the salutation ----F
9.Appendixes are listed after the table of content ----T
10.Table of content is a locating device for the topics ----T
Fill in the blanks : --Appeared in the latest assignments.
1.Some letterheads contain two lines to indicate -----References
2.Almost all letters are typed ----- Single spaced.
3.Complimentary close is a Polite way of ending the letter
4.Many letters loose out by sending them in envelops that are not good enough.
5.The Standard Address line is used , place date line immediately below address. ( don’t confuse with Inside address)


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