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Management Information System - A12

Management Information System

Question RDBMS is one of the earliest database models.
Correct Answer False

Question Some of the data warehouse tools are as under:
Correct Answer Access tools. , Retrieval tools. , Data mining tools.

Question User Termination comes under one of the following:
Correct Answer Internal Security Threat

Question Data and storage instructions are stored temporarily in:
Correct Answer Primary storage.

Question Major activities involved in a system design are:
Correct Answer Plan the resources, Switch over to new systems , Review the system

Question DBMS helps separate logical view and physical arrangement.
Correct Answer True

Question In a database management system a column is known as a:
Correct Answer Field.

Question The ________ generation computers used transistors made of germanium semi-conductor material instead of vacuum tubes for storing and processing. \par
Correct Answer Second

Question The choice phase of the Hebert Simons Model leads to selection of a specific alternative or course of action from the ones generated and considered during design phase
Correct Answer True Match The Following

Question The join operation of the RDBMS combines relational tables to provide the user with. The data dictionary provides a standardization mechanism and In the hierarchical model the upper segment is connected to a lower segment. In the relational database the rows represents individual records
Correct Answer More information than is available in individual tables. Acts as a corporate glossary of the ever growing information resource. In parent - child relationship The columns represents attributes of each record.

Question The information contained in the data dictionary is:
Correct Answer Name of data item. , Source of data. , Keyword

Question The following principle of decision making technique refers to taking a number of decisions based on its own logic and intuition:
Correct Answer Logic and intuition.

Question Dialogue management components of DSS program is a set of programs that manages user interface.
Correct Answer True

Question The customers choose a bank mainly on one of the following aspects :
Correct Answer The range of financial services

Question AI is the short form of
Correct Answer Artificial Intelligence

Question Like any other product in the market, software should also be evaluated carefully before they are delivered and implemented.
Correct Answer True

Question If the central hub in star topology breaks down then:
Correct Answer The network stops working.

Question Control would mean maintaining:
Correct Answer Performance of group / individual. , Characteristics of group / individual. , Characteristics or value of a variable within prescribed limit.

Question One of the following person's signature is required on the "Purchase Indent”:
Correct Answer Department Head.

Question EIS provides access to historical data. This is its ________.
Correct Answer Capability

Question Dynamic binding is associated to polymorphism and inheritance.
Correct Answer True

Question ________ involves the accumulation of information in a group till such a time when it is efficient or necessary to process them.
Correct Answer Batch processing

Question The system should view the performance in strategic perspective. This is done under :
Correct Answer Focus on strategic points.

Question Benefits of data warehousing are it:-

Correct Answer Is time saving. , Provides more and better information. , Is improvement of business processes.

Question In an online railway reservation system the user is able to make inquires to the database. This case is an example of one of the following type of prototyping:
Correct Answer Partially functional

Question Tick IT also includes ISO - 9002 document.
Correct Answer False

Question DSS should enable users to use DSS without assistance from MIS professional.
Correct Answer True

Question The functions of the accounts department in the case of stores and purchase management are to:
Correct Answer Receive bill from vendor. , Make payment after verification. , Receive delivery challan from stores. Match The Following

Question The role of today's hospitals has changed people medical and clinical assistance to . If customer expectations and perceptions are not rational and are generated out of knowledge The service function essentially is a human interaction The MIS applications in airlines would be towards
Correct Answer Health care with the concern for the from who need it Then customer awareness and education becomes necessary. Between the service receiver and the provider. Offering a distinctive service to the customers have different expectations

Question Mathematical Formulae and Chemical Formulae are examples of ________ systems.
Correct Answer Deterministic

Question ________ operation of the RDBMS helps create a subset consisting of columns in a table and permits the user to create new tables which contain the acquired information only.
Correct Answer Project

Question The mission critical application in any service industry deals with ________ in that industry.
Correct Answer Customers

Question Software quality is the ability of a software to be fit for its purpose and capability to ensure that it is ________.
Correct Answer Reliable

Question ________ information covers the whole organization.
Correct Answer Planning

Question OOP include:
Correct Answer Classes, Inheritance , Message passing

Question In a database management system a row is known as a :
Correct Answer Record.

Question Artificial Intelligence can imitate/emulate all human abilities.
Correct Answer False

Question Manufacturing as a functional sub - system will have the following functions:
Correct Answer Cost control analysis. , Sales forecasts. , Sales planning.

Question Abacus is a manually operated device.
Correct Answer True

Question The Definition Stage consists of:
Correct Answer Conceptual design, Feasibility Assessment, Information Requirement Analysis.

Question Process of preparing prototype is referred to as ________.
Correct Answer Prototyping

Question The major categories that computer software can be divided into are:
Correct Answer System. , Application.

Question ________ system is self organizing and adoptive to changing environment as it is flexible.
Correct Answer Open

Question Finding out facts previously not known is ________.
Correct Answer Event Clustering

Question The major objectives of database approach are:
Correct Answer Integrity, Shareability. , Availability

Question Type of system which is practical, specific and operational is:
Correct Answer Empirical.

Question Following statements are true for the CPU:
Correct Answer All the processing and controlling is done by the CPU. , Arithmetic processing is done by CPU. , Temporary storage of data is handled by CPU.

Question Operating system is a type of application software.
Correct Answer False

Question Mr. Abhishek Bachhan decides to build a model of a bungalow. This is a sea facing bungalow. The model is known as:
Correct Answer Prototype

Question Probabilities are usually expressed in terms of ________, or as the number of times the event is apt to occur in a hundred trials.
Correct Answer Percentages

Question ________ is the object oriented programming language.
Correct Answer Java

Question The competitive strategies that a firm can use to deal with competitive forces are:
Correct Answer Product differentiation. , Low cost products. , Focused differentiation.

Question ________ is critical for transaction processing.
Correct Answer Data

Question The quality factors will include:
Correct Answer Conformance, Integrity, User friendliness

Question One of the following person's signature is required on the "Goods Receipt Note”:
Correct Answer Stores In-Charge.

Question For ________ processing the files must be available on direct access storage devices for immediate access of data.
Correct Answer Online

Question Some examples of the behavioral model of DSS are:
Correct Answer Trend analysis, Forecasting, Regression

Question What denotes the hierarchy of an organization?
Correct Answer Organization structure.

Question The back office application in the hospital industry would be:
Correct Answer Core applications, Critical control applications

Question Examples of natural systems are:-

Correct Answer

Rivers. , Mountains.

Question KDD is the short form of:
Correct Answer Knowledge Discovery Database.

Question In the following type of "Asking method", the participants are asked to define ideal solutions and then select the best feasible ideal solution:
Correct Answer Guided brainstorming.

Question Some of the reports that are generated by the inventory management system are:
Correct Answer Goods receipt. , Rejection GP. , Stock information.

Question In ________ type of feasibility the likely savings to be effected and the cost benefits are assessed.
Correct Answer Economic

Question CRT is the short form for:
Correct Answer Cathode Ray Tube.

Question The logical entities of computer are:
Correct Answer Software.

Question The financial world changes so fast that retaining the consumer base becomes a challenge.
Correct Answer True

Question EIS enables to address adhoc queries. This is its ________ characteristic.
Correct Answer Capability

Question ________ should be readily adapted to meet information requirements for any decision environment.
Correct Answer DSS

Question The different types of data processing are:
Correct Answer Batch. , Online. , Real time.

Question Information technology has been useful for business organization for the following reasons:
Correct Answer Adding value to quality, Improving product quality, Facilitating product delivery

Question As ES are based on a narrow range of codified domain, they are able to tackle multi-dimensional problems.
Correct Answer False

Question In the data hierarchy collection of ________ make up a Database.
Correct Answer Files Match The Following

Question Administrative model Herbert Simon Model Environment Information
Correct Answer Expediency Decision making Process Societal Processed data

Question One of the following is a step in the Flow Chart of Materials Procurement Procedure after Receiving Quotation:
Correct Answer Prepare Comparison Chart.

Question Medical case history database consists of:
Correct Answer Knowledge database on the case history, Monitoring the effect of drugs, Analyze the health care demand

Question Type of system which is always interacting with the environment is known as:
Correct Answer Open system

Question The expert facility of Data dictionary facilitates the performance of specific tasks such as:
Correct Answer Copying code from existing programmes. , Inserting of codes into programmes. , Preparation of test data.

Question Artificial intelligence focus on decision support for specific business problems.
Correct Answer True

Question Development stage is the first stage of system development life cycle.
Correct Answer False

Question Application of IT is confined to scientific and research related activities.
Correct Answer False

Question ________ process is one of the process in Data Warehousing.
Correct Answer Aging

Question NDBM is the short form of:
Correct Answer Network Data Base Model.

Question Data dictionary provides with:
Correct Answer Report facility. , Control facility. , Expert facility.

Question Products are tangible, services are intangible.
Correct Answer True

Question Some of the input devices are as under:
Correct Answer Touch screen. , Computer mouse. , Keyboard.

Question ESS/ EIS is normally developed to assist the operation level decision making.
Correct Answer False

Question The control system should be definite and determinable. This is done under:
Correct Answer Objective.

Question ________ normally found in a manufacturing organization will not be suitable in the service sector.
Correct Answer MIS

Question Virus checking comes under one of the following:
Correct Answer Internal Security Threat

Question Like other resources information is tangible.
Correct Answer False Match The Following

Question ESS/EIS filters, compresses and tracks critical data DSS should facilitate communication between DSS is used by individual decision makers ESS is used by top executives as they require
Correct Answer And also provides forecasting capabilities Various levels of decision making Whereas GDSS is used by group of decision makers Specialized support while making strategic decisions

Question Behavioral Model is based on the principles of management.
Correct Answer False

Question When an employee leaves the organization his user Id should be terminated.
Correct Answer True

Question The returns in the manufacturing sector are immediate as compared to the service sector.
Correct Answer False

Question The elements of control will consist of:
Correct Answer Authority. , Direction. , Management.

Question EIS is the short form of:
Correct Answer Executive Information System

Question The software triangle applied to produce quality software would contain:
Correct Answer Management, Software development, Product assurance discipline

Question Quality:
Correct Answer Indicates the degree of excellence of a product or service, Is the totality of the features and characteristics of a product or service, Is the degree to which the attributes of a product enable it to perform its specified end item use

Question The advantages of DBMS are:
Correct Answer It provides central control. , Helps reduce complexity in the system environment. , Records are not repeated.

Question Data passes in a bus topology centrally through________.
Correct Answer Buffer.

Question It is now being realized that the development of Information Systems requires a constant trade-off of the schedule and cost vs. one of the following:
Correct Answer Quality

Question Anti-virus software should be installed on mail servers to scan message attachments.
Correct Answer True

Question Encapsulation refers to art of representing essential features without including the background details.
Correct Answer False

Question External security threats are also known as:
Correct Answer Control Threats

Question While controlling remote dial-in capabilities one of the following aspects need to be given consideration:
Correct Answer Remote Access Servers

Question The ________ are interactive information systems that rely on an integrated set of user friendly hardware and software.
Correct Answer DSS

Question In the airlines service the perceptions of good service are:
Correct Answer Seat comfort, Meal quality, Price

Question Innovative, Strategic and Long-term are included in the major techniques of the non-programmed decisions.
Correct Answer True

Question ________ is presently the prominent and popular data manipulation language used.
Correct Answer SQL Match The Following

Question Accounts Department Purchase management User department Stores department
Correct Answer Make payments Purchase/work order maintenance Issue material for consumption Check QOH

Question The MIS in airlines industry would be to collect information such as:
Correct Answer Type, class and purpose of travel, Food and eating habits, Expectations on service

Question The increased management complexities could be attributed to management science technologies.
Correct Answer True

Question All instructions of data which are input into a computer to cause it to function in any code is known as ________.
Correct Answer Software

Question Revenge can be a reason for breaking into a computer system
Correct Answer True

Question The ________ phase involves scanning of the environment both internal and external for conditions which indicate or suggest problems or opportunity.
Correct Answer Intelligence

Question MIS as a function should be flexible enough to respond to:
Correct Answer Changing environment.

Question Data processing steps would involve:
Correct Answer Read. , Sort. , Compare.

Question One of the following is the "Essence" to control:
Correct Answer Action.

Question The choice of technology makes a significant ________ in the service quality to the customer.
Correct Answer Difference

Question The second generation computers were mainly used for:
Correct Answer Inventory. , Marketing and accounting.

Question ________ is crucial because it facilitates effective and efficient decision making.
Correct Answer ESS

Question Planning personnel requirements, analyzing performance etc would be the tasks of the functional sub-system i.e.:
Correct Answer Personnel.

Question Programming is a process of:
Correct Answer Translating the specifications of the design phase into program code

Question Some of the external factors due to which EIS /ESS has become essential are: Answer Need to be more pro-active, Changing business environment, Global competition

Question HDBM is the short form of:
Correct Answer Hierarchical Database Model.

Question Data in the data warehouse is only loaded, refreshed and accessed for queries.
Correct Answer True

Question MRN is the short form of:
Correct Answer Material Requirement Note.

Question One of the following system will generate offers against the enquiries:
Correct Answer Marketing service system.

Question The numbers of control elements are:
Correct Answer Six.

Question The information collected through competitive intelligence helps create competitive advantage.
Correct Answer True

Question Like any other business, the management of hospitals has changed from an art to a ________.
Correct Answer Technology Match The Following

Correct Answer Discipline Management discipline Software Set of instructions Quality Degree of excellence Quality factors Reliability

Question Following are Object-oriented languages

Correct Answer Object-based Programming Languages , Object-oriented Programming Languages

Question ________ system is rigid and not amenable to change.
Correct Answer Close

Question In the hierarchical model within each record data elements are organized into pieces of records called________.
Correct Answer segments

Question Internet connections should be protected by
Correct Answer firewall

Question Some of the policies / measures that needs to be addressed in case of avoiding internal security threats are
Correct Answer passwords , special privilege IDs , authorization levels

Question MIS always refers to
Correct Answer Computer system and manual system.

Question Think globally and Act locally' is a key to successful implementation to one of the following;
Correct Answer Data Warehousing

Question MICR, OCR, Bar code, Pen etc are examples of________devices.
Correct Answer input

Question The________layer of the OSI is an end user application and functions for particular application services such as file transfer, remote file access.
Correct Answer application

Question The different types of application levels in a database are
Correct Answer Logical.

Question Some of the characteristics exhibited by procedure-oriented approach are
Correct Answer Division of larger programs into small programs , Top down approach , Global data shared by functions

Question The flow of information through MIS is
Correct Answer need dependent

Question Each sub-system in an organization can function as an island by itself without being connected to other sub-systems.
Correct Answer False

Question The advantages of transistors are they

Correct Answer Are portable. , Are more reliable. , Consume less power.

Question MIS as a combination of human and computer based resources result into
Correct Answer both of the above

Question The information of MIS comes from the
Correct Answer both internal and external resource

Question The back bone of any organization is
Correct Answer information

Question Information requirement within organization are
Correct Answer different

Question Information helps organizations to enhance quality of
Correct Answer Operations. , products and services

Question The users of the system need not be aware of the security issues
Correct Answer False

Question Internal information for MIS may come from
Correct Answer all of the above

Question What denotes the hierarchy of and organization
Correct Answer organization structure

Question The________operation of RDBMS is used for creating a subset of all records in the files, which satisfy the stated criteria.
Correct Answer select

Question Passwords can be of two characters also.
Correct Answer False

Question The desirable characteristics that DSS must possess are that it should
Correct Answer Support decision-making , Be adapted to meet information requirements , Support tactical/strategic decision-making

Question Compiler is used to translate assembly language.
Correct Answer False

Question DSS should not have the capability to interfere with corporate database.
Correct Answer False

Question The marketing service system will provide the facility of reopening enquiries received from distributors or customer.
Correct Answer True

Question ________operation of the RDBMS is used for creating a subset of rows that meet certain stated criteria.
Correct Answer select

Question The way in which machines are connected in a network is its
Correct Answer Topology. Match The Following

Question The product can be offered on payment Unlike the manufacturing
Correct Answer while services are offered on demand. the service sector does not have physical goods to be manufacturing for the customers. will not be suitable for service sector hence information based.

The MIS normally found in a manufacturing sector . Any human interaction is knowledge based

Question MIS helps the organization in
Correct Answer process of decision making

Question The formal language used by the computer professionals to specify the contents and structure of the database is________.
Correct Answer DDL Match The Following

Question information processing top management logistics personnel finance
Correct Answer information system planning resource allocation distribution salary administration cost analysis

Question Audit gives details about ________ to Account Payable System
Correct Answer Account Balance

Question One byte is made of
Correct Answer Eight bits.

Question In OOSD the system development is mainly modular.
Correct Answer True

Question Few of the principles of distinctive service are
Correct Answer listen, understand and respond to consumers , set standards and measure performance

Question Communication is a process of achieving understanding between people
Correct Answer True

Question ________ details are given by Management to Marketing Service System.
Correct Answer Supplier

Question The basic components of DSS are
Correct Answer Database , Model base , DSS software system

Question EIS facilitates access from many places. This is________characteristic.
Correct Answer User-Interface

Question One of the following is an Ethical Dilemma
Correct Answer Inefficient programming logic

Question Some of the storage devices are
Correct Answer Magnetic tape. , Magnetic drum. , Optical disk.

Question GDSS is the short form of
Correct Answer Group Decision Support System

Question Pay off matrix takes into account the degree of likelihood that a particular event would occur.
Correct Answer True

Question Decision trees could be represented in different ways such as
Correct Answer Bottom to top. , Left to right. , Top to bottom. Match The Following

Question Hospital Service Product Airlines
Correct Answer Health care Intangible Tangible Passenger information

Question Following are the types of Payment Generation
Correct Answer Voucher Generation , Bank Payment Voucher Generation

Question Software includes:

Correct Answer OS , supervisory systems , application programmes

Question A combination of human and computer based resources which result in collection and use of data for purpose of efficient management and business planning is known as one of the following
Correct Answer Management information system.

Question The types of data transmission modes are
Correct Answer Half duplex. , Duplex. , Simplex.

Question Measurement of accomplishment against the standard and correction of deviation to assure attainment of objectives according to plans is one of the following:
Correct Answer Control.

Question Cross reference reports of the data dictionary indicates________.
Correct Answer relationships

Question Simple technique which mathematically factors the degree of risk into a business decision is
Correct Answer Decision tree.

Question The different types of data that are available are
Correct Answer Primary. , Secondary.

Question Data warehouse does not require processing of transaction, recovery etc.
Correct Answer True

Question The different techniques used for collecting primary data are
Correct Answer Interviews. , Observations. ,


Question IV is the short form of
Correct Answer Inward Voucher. Match The Following

Question In DSS focus is on MIS is considered DSS is considered In MIS focus is on
Correct Answer semi structured tasks useful for structured decisions useful for decisions at tactical/strategic levels structured tasks and routine decisions

Question Action is the basis of control.
Correct Answer False

Question ________helps to connect dissimilar networks by providing the translation from one set of protocols to another.
Correct Answer Gateway

Question Compiler
Correct Answer Translates source code into machine code.

Question Data dictionary helps to identify organizational data irregularity.
Correct Answer True

Question The major advantages of prototyping are:
Correct Answer The time required for application and development is reduced , It is practical to test portions of the system

Question The different decision-making models are
Correct Answer Classical. , Administrative. , Herbert Simon.

Question Idea organisation and evaluation is a________of GDSS.
Correct Answer Factor

Question ________ details are given by Customer to Marketing Service System.
Correct Answer Enquiry

Question Audit trial could be based on built-in mechanisms.
Correct Answer True

Question Management Information System is
Correct Answer A system which makes available the right information to the right person at the right place at the right time. , A set of organized procedures which when executed provides information to support decision - making.

Question Source codes are programs which are machine readable.
Correct Answer False

Question EIS can help with situations that have a high degree of risk. This is its________.
Correct Answer characteristic

Question KS/ES is the short form of
Correct Answer Knowledge / Expert System.

Question The components of Tick IT initiative are
Correct Answer quality management certification scheme , awareness programme

Question The COQUAMO would involve measuring three types of values
Correct Answer quality factor metrics , quality indicator , measures of quality drivers

Question The CPU does not consists of
Correct Answer C D ROM.

Question Marketing as a functional sub - system of an organization will have the following functions
Correct Answer Customer and sales analysis. , Sales forecast. , Sales planning.

Question Micro computers are always stand-alone machines.
Correct Answer False

Question Procedure oriented systems view problems as a sequence of actions to be performed.
Correct Answer True

Question If the servicing process is not enjoyable though it gives what is asked for then dissatisfaction occurs.
Correct Answer True

Question The law of requisite variety also means that for a system to be controlled, each controller human and machine must be provided with
Correct Answer Enough control responses. , Decision rules. , Authority to become a self organizing system.

Question The________layer of the OSI is concerned with procedures and protocols for operating the communication lines.
Correct Answer datalink

Question Division of large programs into smaller ones is known as
Correct Answer Function Match The Following

Question Balances of the creditors and those of the control accounts
Correct Answer are maintained through double entry book keeping.

The aim of stores and purchase provides a single point of data capture for all the input information and avoid data duplication and minimize transcriptional errors. Bank voucher are generated Debit / credit note payments and deductions are made. for effective payment of invoices as and when the need arises

Question One of the following is defined as a set of instructions
Correct Answer software

Question Group decisions can be taken by
Correct Answer Co-action groups. , Task groups. , Brainstorming.

Question CASE is considered to be the WAVE and HOPE of the future.
Correct Answer True

Question The user department sends the indent directly to the purchase department.
Correct Answer False

Question In which database model the parent segment can have more than one child but a child segment can have only one parent
Correct Answer HDBM

Question Software quality must also
Correct Answer provide for exhaustive testing , obtain a mathematical proof of correctness

Question DBMS does not store data centrally.
Correct Answer False

Question ________ is a Front End application.
Correct Answer Resource planning

Question Examples of conceptual theory are
Correct Answer Nirvana. , Moksha.

Question Due to one of the following the consumers can be convinced that the prospective clients software is developed using best practices
Correct Answer software quality assurance

Question The ethical dimensions would cover one of the following aspects:
Correct Answer Obligation to employees

Question The audit department submits the passed invoices for payment.
Correct Answer True

Question The service expectations are static and not dynamic.
Correct Answer False

Question Philosophy, theology are classic examples of ________ systems.
Correct Answer Conceptual

Question The Invoice details are given from "Account Payment Update " to one of the following
Correct Answer Reports Generation Process.

Question One of the following is the guide to control.
Correct Answer Information.

Question The analysis of data of the data warehouse becomes more meaningful using ________
Correct Answer Data mining

Question The Expert System is capable of performing only within a specific, logical oriented realm of expertise and this is its major
Correct Answer Limitation

Question The________data base model follows a structured organizational mode.
Correct Answer hierarchical

Question An automated, formally defined, centrally controlled collection of data in an organization is called________.
Correct Answer Database

Question MIS need not be compatible with the organizations structure and culture.
Correct Answer False

Question Control means maintaining performance.
Correct Answer True

Question The third generation of computers used transistors for storing and processing data.
Correct Answer False

Question MS-DOS is a
Correct Answer Single tasking system.

Question Management Science Models are based on Mathematical formulae.
Correct Answer False

Question Event clustering is result of one of the following:
Correct Answer Data Mining

Question Under the________strategy both the current system and the proposed system are run simultaneously till the correctness and accuracy are tested and assured.
Correct Answer Parallel

Question Following type of questions are asked when the feelings and opinions are important
Correct Answer Open.

Question Data dictionary is the 3rd component of the DBMS.
Correct Answer True

Question IDS is the short form of
Correct Answer Integrated Data Store.

Question The directions about what to do and how to do it are known as
Correct Answer Job instructions.

Question Service demands are more dynamic than product.
Correct Answer True

Question One of the following is a tangible entity
Correct Answer Product

Question Following are the components of communication
Correct Answer Sender. , Receiver. , Medium.

Question The________is the component of communication from where information is transferred.
Correct Answer Sender

Question Manipulation of records is________.
Correct Answer An ethical dilemma

Question The commands received from the________management components are delivered either to the model base management system or the mode execution system.
Correct Answer dialogue

Question The report on Routine payments not made comes under one of the following categories
Correct Answer Service to the account holders

Question Due to ________ trends, data mining is going to play a critical role in ensuring that the huge data is not dumped in archive files.
Correct Answer data

Question EIS/ESS provides information and answers to queries such as
Correct Answer Competitor's activities , New business opportunities , What business the organization should be in

Question The Control Process consists of one of the following:
Correct Answer Approving/Disapproving results. Match The Following

Question DML is generally used in conjunction with
Correct Answer 3rd or 4th generation programming languages.

The database approach evolved out of the need to Database implies a particular structuring of data In a database instead of storing data separately

eliminate the data management problems. both conceptual and physical. data records are physically organized and stored centrally.

Question Expert Systems are OOP applications.
Correct Answer True

Question The core or the hub of the DBMS is________.
Correct Answer data dictionary

Question Discovering unknown associates is result of one of the following:
Correct Answer Data Mining

Question Few of the functions of the stores and purchase management are
Correct Answer Pro-order detail maintenance. , Detail maintenance of purchase order. , Maintenance of general stores information.

Question The increased management complexities in today's world could be attributed to
Correct Answer information feedback system. , management science technologies.

Question DDL is the short form of
Correct Answer Data Definition Language

Question In ________ system the interaction of elements is known and hence the outcome predictable.
Correct Answer Deterministic

Question EIS/ESS improves user productivity.
Correct Answer True

Question One of the key forces in a person's ethics is:
Correct Answer Family influences

Question The steps in development stage are: Procedure development: Physical System design: Program development: Physical Database design: Arranging them in the correct order gives:
Correct Answer B, D, C, A

Question We can call a person visiting the hospital a customer and not a patient.
Correct Answer True

Question Check with Quantity on hand is a step after one of the following
Correct Answer Raise indent.

Question The data bus transmits signals for locating a given address.
Correct Answer False

Question EIS/ESS cannot utilize hypertext and hypermedia.
Correct Answer False

Question Transaction processing as an activities sub - systems would have the following activities
Correct Answer Processing orders. , Shipment and receipts.

Question The store gives ________ detail to Kardex System
Correct Answer DCN

Question The interface between application programs and the data is________.
Correct Answer DBMS

Question Disadvantages of vacuum tubes are it
Correct Answer Generated lot of heat. , Very short span of life. , Consumed more power.

Question Following are rapid system development tools
Correct Answer Prototyping , CASE tools , Object oriented programming/systems

Question ________synchronizes the speed between Input device and CPU.
Correct Answer Buffer.

Question Following statements are true with the ALU
Correct Answer Logical decisions are taken by it. , Arithmetic processing is done by it.

Question The audit trial help security and control in a number of ways like
Correct Answer tracing all updates performed , finding incorrect / fraudulent updates , finding the person who carried out updates

Question DSS for a group is known as________.
Correct Answer GDSS

Question BV is the short form of
Correct Answer Bank payment Voucher.

Question The function of the user department of the stores and purchase management are
Correct Answer Raise indent. , Inspect material. , Issue material for consumption.

Question CCWS is the short form of
Correct Answer Computerized Collaborative Work System

Question Using a poor definition and approach is a mistake in one of the following:

Correct Answer Data Warehousing

Question The public Interface CASE toolset provides for
Correct Answer File transfers , Query reporting

Question The central controller through which data passes in a star topology is known as a________.
Correct Answer Hub.

Question Expert systems lack human self-awareness and self analysis tool.
Correct Answer True

Question Lower level decisions are non-programmed whereas high level decisions are programmed.
Correct Answer False

Question The following software manages the file server and routes data in a network
Correct Answer Network operating system.

Question Super computers are designed for applications which require
Correct Answer High speed. , Rapid and complex computing.

Question QOH is the short form of
Correct Answer Quantity on Hand.

Question The service organization undergoes changes more rapidly than the manufacturing sector.
Correct Answer True

Question The major characteristics of programmed decisions are
Correct Answer Laid down norms. , Situations are known.

Question The fully functional approach is not intended to result in an operational system.
Correct Answer True

Question ________provides a generalized computing and telecommunications capacity that can be applied to a changing array of problems.
Correct Answer EIS

Question Software instructions are also known as registers.
Correct Answer False

Question The ISO definition clearly reflects the desire to define quality in a way which captures the current concept of quality as customer satisfaction.
Correct Answer True

Question ESS is the short form of
Correct Answer Executive Support System.

Question The different types of printers available are
Correct Answer Dot matrix. , Laser. , Ink jet.

Question CASE tools can
Correct Answer Give standardization based on single method , Generate data models

Question EIS facilitates aggregated and context data. This is its________.
Correct Answer benefit

Question The characteristics of EIS / ESS are
Correct Answer Information characteristics , User-interface / orientation characteristics , Managerial executive characteristics Match The Following

Correct Answer Your Answer ISDN international standard for transmitting voice data, image, and video to support a wide range of services over the public telephone lines physical layer sessions layer ITES takes care of the electrical, mechanical and functional control of data circuits manages dialogues between communication users worldwide network of computers holding vast quantities of data that the user can access directly from personal computer

Question Any type of programming code that intentionally causes a system disruption is known as:
Correct Answer virus

Question The Zone Master Entry Screen consists of ________.
Correct Answer Competitor

Question One of The following type of questions in which each question has a defined set of possible answers from which the respondents selects is
Correct Answer Closed.

Question The user interface characteristics of EIS/ ESS will include
Correct Answer GUI , Access from many places , Secure reliable and confidential access

Question The success of GDSS would depend on criticism free idea generation and idea organization and evaluation.

Correct Answer True

Question Local area network (LAN) is connected through
Correct Answer Cable.

Question Some of the mistakes that should be avoided while implementing data warehouse are
Correct Answer Expecting warehouse to stay static. , Using poor definition and approach. , Using inexperienced personnel.

Question Some of the output devices are
Correct Answer Plotters. , Printers.

Question Information system planning and cost effective analysis will be part of the functional sub -system
Correct Answer Information processing.

Question Percentage of a result is a ________ system.
Correct Answer Probabilistic

Question MIS is the short form of
Correct Answer Management Information System.

Question Encapsulation means
Correct Answer Data hiding

Question Some of the techniques used for taking programmed decisions are
Correct Answer Standard operating procedures. , Operational research. , Organizational hierarchy.

Question The management discipline of the discipline triangle will include
Correct Answer project management , general management

Question The ES technology basically derives from the research discipline of
Correct Answer Artificial intelligence

Question The science of communication and control is known as ________.
Correct Answer Cybernetic.

Question The Supplier details are given to Kardex System ________
Correct Answer Purchase

Question In phased approach the current system is executed after the proposed system.
Correct Answer False

Question The mission of the manufacturing industry could differ from industry to industry and organization to organization.

Correct Answer True

Question The type of relationship the hierarchical database model has is________.
Correct Answer one to many

Question DML is the first component of the DBMS.
Correct Answer False

Question In MIS, Strategic planning is an activities sub-system.
Correct Answer True

Question Data mining
Correct Answer Is an information analysis tool that evolves the automated discovery of patterns and relationships in a data warehouse. , Encompasses a number of technical approaches such as clustering, data summarization . , Is the process of discovering meaningful, new correlation patterns and trends.

Question The________database model represents all data in the database as simple two-dimensional tables called relations.
Correct Answer relational

Question The Quality Assurance Plan finalized by Tata Consultancy Services comes under:
Correct Answer Physical system design

Question The secondary source of information will include
Correct Answer Information from computers.

Question The Competitor Master Entry Screen consists of ________.
Correct Answer Brand Name

Question Trained facilitator is a________of GDSS.
Correct Answer Component

Question Structure of data inside the data warehouse consists of one of the following:
Correct Answer Current detail data

Question A prototype is a sealed down model of a product.
Correct Answer True

Question Following are the environments for the purpose of discussions in the Simons model
Correct Answer Societal. , Competitive. , Organizational.

Question ________in the development stage refers to preparation of manuals, instruction sheets, input formats/forms etc.

Correct Answer Procedure development

Question Following are characteristics of Procedure-oriented approach
Correct Answer Global data shared by functions , Top down approach

Question The information output of MIS is summary and exception reports.
Correct Answer True

Question "Reports Generation process" gives out reports in the following categories
Correct Answer Accounts , Audit , Management

Question Some of the limitations of prototyping are
Correct Answer It is better suited for smaller/modular application , Performance may be inefficient , Rapid developed prototyping may be difficult to maintain

Question Software quality assurance lays considerable stress on getting the design right prior to coding.
Correct Answer True

Question One of the following consumes shelf space, has a shelf life and has a physical unit of measure
Correct Answer product Match The Following

Question Request translator Behavioral model Management science model Operations research model
Correct Answer Translates user commands Forecasting Budgetary systems Mathematical models

Question The different functional applications of MIS are
Correct Answer Stores and purchase management. , Accounts payable system. , Inventory management.

Question Data can travel in only one direction in the following data transmission mode
Correct Answer Simplex.

Question DBMS
Correct Answer Is a software system which performs the functions of defining. , Is used for creating, revising and controlling database. , Is specially devised software to create and maintain a database.

Question The goods receipt report generated by the inventory management system is
Correct Answer Item wise goods receipt. , Supplier wise goods receipt.

Question Following are OOP applications:

Correct Answer Online railway reservation system , Simulation of aircrafts

Question While controlling remote dial-in capabilities the following aspects need to be given considerations
Correct Answer remote access servers , server id , weak points of the system environment

Question A good financial performance does mean good service.
Correct Answer False

Question Model base is a________of GDSS.
Correct Answer Configuration

Question BSP is the short form of
Correct Answer Business Systems Planning. Match The Following

Question Data mining should not only enable the analysis to be undertaken but Data mining is the process of discovering meaningful new correlation pattern and In data mining the relationships represents the
Correct Answer Your Answer must enable learning from this activity trends by sifting through large amount of data stored in repositories. valuable knowledge about database and objects in the database.

The outcome of data mining must be actionable and measurable.

Question ________ systems are man-made.
Correct Answer Artificial.

Question The address bus moves data to and from secondary storage.
Correct Answer False

Question Data Mining is information ________ tool.
Correct Answer Analysis

Question The traditional system development methodologies may not be useful in following cases if the
Correct Answer Problem is not well defined

Question The ability to transfer information is lower in Artificial Intelligence than that of natural intelligence.
Correct Answer False


  1. I got a new question here

    ESS/EIS cannot be used interchangebly

    Correct answer:False

  2. ESS/EIS cannot be used interchangeably

    Correct Answer: False